Urd J. Pedersen, Generøs bedrager, 2022, oil on canvas 97 x 139 cm


Hanan Benammar, Nora Joung, Urd J. Pedersen, Øyvind Sørfjordmo

Curated by Beatrice Alexanian

14.10 - 12.11.2022

Opening: 14.10.2022, 5-7pm

Hanan Benammar's work for the exhibition takes form in prints and phrases. A new series of the work Gå og spis din far are suggestions of multiple phrases of swearing translated to Danish. The phrases have been translated between languages, dialects and cultures. Benammar follows her own structure when gathering swearwords, coming from different languages and cultures which is giving the swears a new meaning or lack of the same. Kunsthal Charlottenborg are alongside the exhibition hosting the premier of Benammar’s filmic work Dette er vår kropp, followed by a Q&A with Benammar on October 13, 5 PM.

Urd J. Pedersen’s new series of paintings presented in the exhibition are figurations of rooms, moods and characters. With the impression of looking into a room or through a room, they appear private and everyday like with uncomfortable, but still non-spectacular situations at home. Urd J. Pedersen’s paintings are her own observations of her everyday life and emotions that come with; honesty, shame, friendships, enemies, love, hate, tempo, happiness, unhappiness, confidence, selfishness, greed and calmness. This is also a way of inviting the viewer into the paintings - ways of relating, both within the visual motif and in thought.

Nora Joung’s work presented in the exhibition takes form in the transportable piece Habitus and the screened video essay Windows, a combination of found images and the artists voice commenting over Adolf Loos’ architecture, theory, bodies, buildings and windows–it is only there to let the light in, not to let the gaze pass through. The work, Habitus, is a crate or transport box installed with elements from a habitat/home. It is either a space to watch from or be watched in. 

Øyvind Sørfjordmo's new paintings for the exhibition are large scaled and explosive fragmented forest-like pictures, they seem both intuitive and controlled. With a painterly technique that resembles a kind of alternation between negatives and positives (imagery), an expression and texture where the viewer’s eye completes the image in the encounter with the surface


Øyvind Sørfjordmo, Haven, 2021, oil on canvas, 190 x 140 cm  

Hanan Benammar, Gå spis din far, 2022  

Nora Joung, Habitus, 2019