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Galleri Tom Christoffersen presents the solo exhibition KRYPTO PLASTIK by Mogens Møller.
The sculptures weigh ½ tonne, ancient texts, autobiographical photography and many other things.

Today everything is exposed; how we consume, our genes, our economical situation and preferably the result should be suitable for a quick power-point presentation.

Mogens Møller insists on a different approach. Instead of turning subjects inside out the artist preserves the secrecy of places and creates spaces, which are difficult to access.
It may sound cryptic but the act of coding a form or a relation and opening up for multiple ways of breaking the code is important for the exhibition.

The new works by Mogens Møller are unlike. Ambiguous minimalist objects, which create optical illusions. Various stories of creation, which point at diverse origins. Small elements from Roman sculptures displaced in time, scale and contexts so they at the exhibition weigh 400 kg. and looses their original function.

The exhibition KRYPTO PLASTIK is a spacious world of plasticity with respect for the time and experience of the viewer. It challenges habitual ways of thinking and asks us to relate to the works by inventing new ways of decoding the juxtapositions.

Mogens Møller (1934) is former professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In collaboration with Hein Hensen and Stig Brøgger he has conducted important public commissions as Stjerner (Stars), Aalborg University 1980, Fredens Port (Peace Portal), Cph.1982.
Among others Mogens Møller is represented in the public collections of The National Gallery (SMK), Cph, Malmö Kunsthal, Moderna Museet Stockholm and Sharjah Art Museum, FAE. The artists has been granted the Eckersberg Medaljen (1988), Thorvaldsen Medaljen (1994) and in 1994 Mogens Møller was given The Danish Arts Foundation’s lifelong honoraria.


Krypto Plastik
Mogens Møller
Press information (Danish)
Michael Mørk
The catalogue “I’m deeply superficial” with texts by Ditte Vilstrup Holm, Trine Møller Madsen and Bent Petersen will be published at the opening. The catalogue documents Michael Mørk’s production 2004-2007
24.08.2007 - 22.09.2007
24.08.2007 5pm-8pm
The exhibition is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council
  Diadoumenos med Ten som støttepille
S tampet beton
195 cm

  To Tener
Stampet beton
200 cm 60 cm i diameter og 30 cm i diameter

  Hans Ø
Tusch på papir, træ og vandskårne messingbogstaver
85 x 120 cm

Tusch på papir, træ og vandskårne messingbogstaver
85 x 120 cm

  From: Do The Boys Hall
Tryk efter foto og tusch på papir, træ og vandskårne messingbogstaver
85 x 120 cm

  Første Mosebog / Faust
Rustfrit stål
58x100x12 cm og
42 x 56 x 4 cm

  Dr. OIL
Bertoni jakke og rustfrit stål med vandskårne messingbogstaver
37 x 42 x 12 cm

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