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Lorenz Straßl, Stephanie Pelz, Alexander Laner, Fanny Geisler, Hansjörg Dobliar
Katharina Daxenberger. curated by artist Anne Sofie Bird Møller.

In German HÜBEN WIE DRÜBEN means ‘here as there’, and by this flighty title artist-curator Anne Sofie Bird Møller presents a precise selection of upcoming German artists.

The artists are from the South German art scene, and although they work far away from the favourable dynamics of Berlin, the artists are making their mark – also in Berlin.

In Copenhagen the exhibition is prolonged to the street as a golden Mercedes 230CE year 1982 by Alexander Laner will stand in front of the gallery at the opening of the show, and a giant print of a Stephanie Pelz photography will cover the façade. In the gallery space there are further photographic works by Stephanie Pelz, another gasoline driven sculpture by Alexander Laner and paintings by Fanny Geisler, Hansjörg Dobliar and Katharina Daxenberger. Lorenz Straßl fills the rotunda of the gallery with an installation, and Anne Sofie Bird Møller will show manipulated etchings in Galleri Tom Christoffersen backroom.


Hüben wie drüben
Curated by Anne Sofie Bird Møller
Lorenz Straßl
Stephanie Pelz
Alexander Laner
Fanny Geisler
Hansjörg Dobliar
Katharina Daxenberger
Press information (Danish)
Anne Sofie Bird Møller
12.01. - 10.02.2007
12.01.2007, 5-8pm
  Alexander Laner, Hansjörg Dobliar, Katharina Daxenberger

  Alexander Laner

  Alexander Laner, Fanny Geisler, Lorenz Straßl

  Stephanie Pelz

  Lorenz Straßl

  Anne Sofie Bird Møller

  Anne Sofie Bird Møller

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