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Elmer: - Hej Elmer - mente du virkelig det du sagde igår. 2010, collage, 140 x 90 cm

The Danish artist Elmer’s solo exhibition at Galleri Tom Christoffersen is simply called ELMER OM ELMER (Elmer on Elmer). The many collages and posters carry loudly outspoken text and emphasize the visual.

Both old and new works are presented; sketches from the well-known posters that during the 1970ties and 1980ties were to be found everywhere in the public space of Copenhagen. The posters and stickers were on the streets in the middle of everyday life putting forth comments such as ”Egentlig burde alle vaelge Elmer” (All should vote for Elmer, actually) or ”Lej en familie” (Rent a family). In 2010 the situation has changed, the older multiples has become collectors items and the new posters come in editions and carry statements such as ”For fed til at lege” (Too plump to play) or ”Freedom. Go to hell”. Despite the timely gap all works have an exchange between text and image in common just as they puts forth a strong resistance towards everything, which at a given time is correct and well-intentioned in the public debate.

The works on paper are black and white in every way. ELMER OM ELMER is a solo exhibition with an author, who at all times speaks his mind and welcomes the inevitable confrontation.

Elmer (1952) was head of the department of painting / Assoc. Prof. at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1993-2003). He has curated several exhibitions among others ”Elmer’s Cut”, Galleri Tom Christoffersen (2002). The group show presented talented young artists, who are important players on the Danish scene of contemporary art today. Important solo and group exhibitions count: ”NY.EL” Galleri Tom Christoffersen (2007), ”Elmer vs. Reumert”, Galleri Christoffer Egelund (2007), ”Elmer the Dane” (solo), Galleri Tom Christoffersen (2005). In 1981 Elmer founded Post-Painting. Central exhibitions from that decade are: ”Niveau”, Brandts Klædefabrik (1988), ”Gud og Grammatik”, Charlottenborg (1984), ”Documenta 7”, Baron Boltens Gård (1982). Elmer has received honoraria from the Danish Arts Foundation and in 2004 he was given the three-year work grant. Elmer is represented by Galleri Tom Christoffersen.


Press Release in Danish (PDF)
04.06 – 03.07.2010
04.06.2010 at 5-8 PM
Jesper Fabricius and Hans-Peter Feldmann: Diverse Løsninger
Press Release in Danish (PDF)
Thanks to Gentofte Bibliotekerne for lending out works by Hans-Peter Feldmann
  Installation view
Elmer: Elmer Om Elmer
Galleri Tom Christoffersen, 2010

  9 signed and numbered posters by Elmer
dimensions 59 x 42 cm
edition 10

  Installation view
Elmer: Elmer Om Elmer
Galleri Tom Christoffersen, 2010

  Selection of collages made by Elmer
dimensions 32,5 x 23 cm

  3 sketches to posters and invitation by Elmer
dimensons 42,5 x 32,5 cm.

3 street multiples from the periode 1977-1980 by Elmer
dimensions 42,5 x 32,5 cm
9 collager by Elmer
dimensions 42,5 x 32,5 cm

  21 collager by Elmer
32,5 x 23 cm


Jesper Fabricius and Hans-Peter Feldmann: Diverse Løsninger

  Installation view
Jesper Fabricius and Hans-Peter Feldmann:
Diverse løsninger
Galleri Tom Christoffersen Cube, 2010

  Jesper Fabricius
each sheet 20 x 14 cm

  A selection of “Bilder” by Hans-Peter Feldmann
(approx 1968-1971)

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